Sunday, June 6, 2010

East Baray

East Baray

Constructed : Late 9th century - 889
King : Yasovarman I ★ 889 - 910 ★
Location : East of Angkor Thom.

Comment : With the enormous reservoir which has the size of 7 kilometers by 1.8 kilometers, on the center there is east Mebon. Being maximum, it is the farmland of 7 ten thousand hectares, with the pondage of 30 million cubic meters of water, but presently as for the water it is dried up.

It cuts the pre-loop of the making a big detour route and between east Mebon, it passes the part of the earth quantity like the sequence, but this is at one time dike. By the way, turning right foreward east Mebon.

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