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Constructed : Late 9th century - 881
Religion: Hindu (Shivaism)
Style : Preah Ko
King : Indravarman I ★ 877 - 889 ★
Location : Roluos Group. Located at Au Luok village, Ba Korng Commune, Prasat Bakong District in 15-kilometer distance from the provincial town of Siem Reap by the National Road No. 6. Then turning right.

Comment : They are first ones as the large-sized mountain type temple which was made with the sandstone in the process of evolution of the temple construction in Angkor period. Also the constitution where you can feel the central hall small lightly the stylobate (especially) in comparison with heavy appearance more, it probably will be considered as one process of evolution. View helix from near the central hall it seems, calls the artificial mountain it is suitable.

The ring moat of Bankong, presently being covered in the grass, has become like the swamp land. The ring moat was possible with the laterite, there was a stairway which it is possible with the sandstone which lap it is low is surrounded in the wall, in addition descends to underwater, but the part of that remains on east side participating road both sides. Lap there is a wall in the place which crosses the ring moat, furthermore lap there is a wall mark even in the inner part. In the halfway right side the Buddhism temple, is elementary school in the left hand. Foreward reaching to the stylobate section, the building which it is possible to left and right, with the sandstone systematically has lined up.

Furthermore when it advances, in the front the stylobate of five layer which is heavy-looking increases in pyramid type, the central hall of thinness one stands on that. In order from under and under one of the first section for the tower hall whose 12 is small to surround the central hall in fourth layer, it is arranged.

The stylobate section and the central hall are covered with the sandstone, but in order to surround around the central stylobate, eight hall groups which stand are the brick making. In addition, in order the small hall group of the brick and the sandstone where each one has specific name, to surround the central hall completely, it stands even in the forest outside the ring moat.

Among these it seems that the hall which remains on south side state is best. Also verifying the extent of such temple limits, probably will be useful to the scale of Bakong and knowing constitution.

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