Thursday, June 10, 2010

Beng Thom

Beng Thom

Constructed : 12th century
King : Jayavarman VII ★ 1181 - 1218 ★
Location : Angkor Thom.

Comment : Angkor Thom is enormous religion which is protected in the rampart and the ring moat. 12 century latter halves, which controls Angkor. One side in square of 3 kilometers, as for the rampart around to be made with the laterite, as for the height approximately 7.5 meters. The ring moat around is width 100 meters.

As for the vertical separation there are approximately 5 meters. At one time making use of this vertical separation, the water of the ring moat was taken in inside the castle from north east angle. The water which it takes in inside the castle flowing, accumulated in the pond which is called Beng Thom in southwest angle, from here had discharged in the ring moat near southwest angle. Beng Thom exists with the rectangular pond, presently, but as for the water surface being covered in the water plant, almost it cannot see. Being quiet it is in the deep forest, it is the place of strange atmosphere. After the Angkor Thom south gate entering, when it traces the lane in the forest west side, it reaches to Beng Thom, but the road has become complicated.

Beng Thom

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