Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chau Say Tevoda

Chau Say Tevoda

Constructed : Early 12th century
Religion: Hindu
Style : Angkor Wat
King : Suryavarman II ★ 1113 - 1150 ★
Location : On the small circuit, on the right side while leaving Angkor Thom by Victory Gate, opposite Thomanom.

Comment : Chau Say Tevoda is currently very interesting to be able to observe the enormous work that requires: the method used, the anastylose, consists in dismounting the monument item by item then to rebuild it by reconstituting the missing elements. This very hard method applies perfectly to the Khmer monuments and makes it possible to return to them an aspect nearest possible to that of origin contrary to the methods of restorations traditional.

The restoration is illustrated and commented in a small building located near the temple, it is a unique opportunity to understand the vastness of work in progress or to come on the site of Angkor!

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