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Constructed : Late 10th/ Early 11th century
Religion: Hindu
Style : Kleang
King : Jayavarman V ★ 968 - 1001 ★
Location : Angkor Thom, at the east end of the Royal plain, opposite the Terrace of the elephants.

Comment : Kleang can be translated by store, but it appears not very probable that these two sandstone buildings are only stores. Several versions circulate about the use of these two constructions which undoubtedly are not temples.

Some affirm that they were Palaces intended to receive noble visitors. Others say that the judges made use of it to imprison supposed guilty and that their culpability was or not confirmed by the divinities who made them accept various ill treatments, but a version much more romantic comes us from a local child who affirmed us than these two buildings, located opposite the royal platform of the Terrace of the elephants, behind Prasat Suro Prat and at each east end of the Royal Plain, were intended to the musicians of the King who could thus hear the music in stereophony during his spectacles!

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