Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beng Mealea

Beng Mealea - "Lotus Pond"

Constructed : Early 11th century
Religion: Hindu
Style : Angkor Wat
King : Suryavarman II ★ 1113 - 1150 ★
Location : About 50 km to the East of Siem Reap.

Comment : "The excursion of Beng Malea which, with requests one whole day can be combined with a shooting party, the area being rich in small and big game and even in deer. Tigers, panthers and elephants, herds of beefs and buffaloes wild until Prah Khan in Kompong Svay in the east" wrote Maurice Glaize in 1944! If these remarks are not any more of topicality, the visit of the site of Beng Malea which has just been opened to the public remains nevertheless a small forwarding but the access roads are now excellent if one agrees to make a small turning.

This visit can combine with that of Banteay Srey, or Phnom Khulen, of Chau Srey Vibol and the Roluos group! A very beautiful day in view for those which want to see all in only once. The temple in itself mainly is dilapidated in invaded by the vegetation, but the visit is facilitated by a wooden way which traverses part of the temple. Some places nevertheless remain enough sportsmen when it is a question of climbing the many falls. Built little before Angkor Wat, of which it would have been a kind of prototype, this temple is at the cross of several main roads of the time. A visit which gives the impression of a beautiful adventure and, now so rare, where very few visitors are crossed.

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