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Constructed : N/A
Religion: N/A
Style : N/A
King : N/A
Location : In North East of Angkor Wat, in the forest.

Comment : It went north from near Toumon of encore watt, alongside the septentrional ring moat. The fact that you have searched is Kapilapura. When it runs to north from ring moat north east angle a little, in the forest of the right hand of the road, leaving behind structure of the brick making was found. That was Kapilapura.

Our knowledge only enable us to pose assumption that it will rest to you to check, but a priori, it would seem that it acts more than one funeral monument that of a temple as well as Pre Rup of which it uses same building materials and would seem to be one close time. This very pleasant walk in the forest, where one is accompanied by songs of very varied birds, of cries of monkeys and other animals does not present any danger but is not to be advised to the tourist in a hurry who agrees only a few days of visit for such a gigantic site!

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