Thursday, May 6, 2010

East Mebon

East Mebon

Constructed : Mid 10th century, 944 - 952
Religion : Hindu
Style : Banteay Srei
King : Rajendravarman II ★ 944 - 968 ★
Location : On the small circuit, in the medium of the Eastern baray.

Comment : In perfect alignment with the Royal Palace of Angkor Thom, Victory Gate and exactly in the East, in the middle of a gigantic baray of 7 km by 1.8 km, is Mebon Oriental. The baray, formerly supplied with Tonle Sap and which was used to feed the neighbouring cultures is entirely covered today with ground and sand so that you reache Mebon by the road. But formerly, the only manner of reaching this temple was to cross the baray in boat, which explains the presence of the four landing stages located at each cardinal point.

This temple mountain does not have a central pyramid which was replaced by a simple platform. It is supposed that they will not have wanted too much to charge this small island located at the medium with such a quantity of water. This temple was built at the time when the country had been shaken by the usurping king Jayavarman IV and Rajandravarman II had just brought back the capital from Kho Ker to Angkor. Rajaendravarman II would have built this temple in the honour of his divinized parents and to protect the country and to contribute to the continuity of the royal line. The elephants which decorate each angle of this temple are very realistic and recall us that this temple is related to a legend of a magic elephant.

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