Thursday, February 11, 2010

Western Prasat Top

Western Prasat Top - Monument 486

Constructed : 9th-17th century
Religion : Theravada Buddhism
Style : Post-Bayon
King : Jayavarman VII ★ 1181 - 1218 ★
Location : Angkor Thom, in the south of the Carpeaux road. Between Bayon and the Western Gate.

Comment : There does not remain unfortunately large thing of this small temple which has as a name only one simple number! It is however about one of the oldest elements of Angkor Thom, in a sad state, which you will be able nevertheless to admire some elements reconstituted on the ground. The amateurs of beautiful walks will see it while going to the Western Gate, they will go then along the ramparts of Angkor Thom, visit Prasat Chrung and will ask their driver to await them at the South Gate.

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