Monday, February 15, 2010

Neak Pean

Neak Pean

Constructed : Late 12th century
Religion: Mahayana Buddhism
Style : Bayon
King : Jayavarman VII ★ 1181 - 1218 ★
Location : In the north of the large circuit, between Preah Khan and Ta som.

Comment : Neak Pean is single in its kind. In the middle of a low-size baray today completely invisible, this small island temple is made of five swimming pools laid out in the shape of flower of lotus: A central swimming pool (70 metres) in the middle of which the temple is itself and four other swimming pools (20 metres) which form the petals of the flower. 4 overflows symbolize 4 rivers which took their source on the same lake meadows of the Kailash Mountain in the Tibet.

A complex hydraulic system was used to purify water and appears it gave him beneficial virtues. The temple in itself is of small size but its particular configuration is worth largely a visit. The modern name of Neak Pean (rolled up snakes) comes from a great number of snakes which proliferated in the neighbourhoods of the temple.

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