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Phnom Bakheng

Phnom Bakheng

Constructed : Late 9th/Early 10th century - 889-900
Religion : Hindu
Style : Bakheng
King : Yasovarman I ★ 889 - 910 ★
Location : With a little more than one kilometre in north of the principal entry of Angkor Wat and five hundred meters before the Southern Door of Angkor Thom, on the left of the road.

Comment : On the left of the road, one perforated in the forest, opposite some small merchants. The ruins of a monumental staircase which climbs the slope of a 60 m height natural hill, it is the temple mountain of Phnom Bakheng. Every evening, a many crowd - a little too many - is pressed there to go to admire the sunset. Some choose to ride elephant to go until in top of the hill, others climb the staircases courageously. Arrived in top, the sight is with the height of the efforts made for the rise. With far, one can see the silhouettes of Phnom Krom in the South and Phnom Khulen in North. One sees there also Baray, the forest of Angkor Thom and one overhangs Angkor Wat.

The construction of Phnom Bakheng (Bakheng Hill) is an important event insofar as it marks the displacement of the Khmer capital of Roluos towards Angkor. Moreover, Phnom Bakheng is largely inspired by Bakhong in its architecture but using materials and more elaborate methods of construction. It should be noted that this temple mountain is built directly on the rock whereas the other temples mountain are built on embankments.

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