Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Preah Ko

Preah Ko

Constructed : Late 9th century - 879
Religion: Hindu (Shivaism)
Style : Preah Ko
King : Indravarman I ★ 877 - 889 ★
Location : Roluos Group. Near Bakong and Lolei.

Comment : The ring moat of east west 500 meters and north and south 400 meters around that, you say that the court of Indravarman I existed at one time on back of the temple. Those where presently it becomes the object of sight-seeing are only the hall group of the brick making which is the center.

The duplication lap there to be a wall in the hall group, lap as for the wall outside east west 97 meters and north and south 94 meters. Lap as for wall inside east west 58 meters and north and south 56 meters. Each of them does with the laterite. Usually it reaches into six halls where it approaches from east side, the tower gate of the lap wall, pass by the tower gate of the second lap wall and are in the center. The hall group around (the chestnut) of the sandstone is decorated with type is built on the common low stylobate. There are three stairways on east side of the stylobate, in order for respectively, the saintly cow which is the vehicle of God. The stairway is just one on west side. As for six halls front line three, dividing into two groups in rear line, three being arranged in north and south direction, sooner or later east has become the front.

As for one of good point it is decoration of the plaster which is seen in the hall wall surface. As for delicate relief such as pattern and Carla of plant type you see and there is withstanding. As for Carla the lintel of the temple and typical motif of the Khmer construction which is often seen in the gable it is Before the technique which carves in the sandstone is done, the plaster is painted thick in the wall surface of the brick of the building, the technique which cuts the pattern and the like on that surface was general. The plaster as building materials designating the lime as the main raw materials, while it is easy to process, pain is easy. The hall wall surface is typical ones, as a decoration of the plaster which exists, but large portion having exfoliated, just extremely part has left prototype.

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