Saturday, September 12, 2009

Banteay Srei

Banteay Srei

(The Women's Citadel)

Constructed : Late 10th century - 967
Religion: Hindu
Style : Banteay Srey
King : Rajendravarman II ★ 944 - 968 ★ & Jayavarman V ★ 968 - 1001 ★
Location : At 37 km in North East of Siem Reap, and about 20 km from the large circuit, the road of Banteay Srey is very practicable and now indicated well.

Comment : Jewel of Khmer art, this temple with restricted dimensions is well outside the whole of Angkor, in a zone still difficult of access a short time ago, which explains its relatively late discovery and its restoration which intervened only after the complete release in 1924.

It emanates from this small temple a very special softness, a kind of undoubtedly calms mainly with the colour of the stones used for its construction, a pink liking which slightly changes colour with the sun. The many sculptures, their smoothness and their excellent state of conservation contribute to the charm of this unit.

The term of "Banteay Srei" can be translated by "fortress of the women" but its real significance differs according to various interpretations. Some say that this temple was built by women, of other, that it was reserved to the women, or that many women there were found, but most probable in our eyes is that according to which the temple would have been built in homage to the women.
The visit of Banteay Srei is to be envisaged over at least a half-day, visits that one will be able to combine with that of Banteay Samre and, on the return at the end of the afternoon with the splendid sunset visible from the top of Pre Rup.

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