Sunday, October 11, 2009

Preah Pithu Group

Preah Pithu Group

Constructed : Early 12th century
Religion: Hindu
Style : Angkor Wat
King : Suryavarman II ★ 1113 - 1150 ★
Location : A group of 5 sanctuaries in the Angkor Thom group.

Comment : The compound ruins where the open space before the court is located septentrional. It consists of the plural buildings, but is not to be made under one plan, it seems. You call septentrional of the open space before the court, there is a position where it is easy to visit in plain existence, it seems that is not either the person whom it visits excessively in spite.

Temple T and U state are not good, but as for temple X restoration has ended. The relief of the stylobate section of temple V state is beautiful well. It is the good place known to few people ruins which can enjoy to the whole quiet atmosphere. Septentrional of the ruins there is a pond and a Buddhism temple where the flower of the lotus blooms.

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