Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Koh Ker Capital

Koh Ker Capital

Constructed : 10th century
Religion: Hindu (dedicated to Shiva)
Style : Koh Ker
King : Jayavarman IV ★ 928 - 941 ★
Location : 130 km in North East of Siem Reap, are approximately two hours and half of road.

Comments : In 928 years, for an unknown reason, the King Jayavarman IV moved the Khmer capital from Angkor towards Kohker. But when capital is placed at Koh Ker is short, Jayavarman IV sinks in 941, passing the reign where the child Harshavarman II is short, age of Rajendravarman II (944 years) capital means again to return to Angkor.

During twenty years, this site was the object of a very great number of constructions and Prasat Thom which one usually visits is only one very small part of immense Kohker. Prasat Thom is appeared as very large and majestic pyramid of seven levels whose only last stage is damaged. The staircases are extremely abrupt and required the addition of wooden staircases to be practicable and the immense sight on the surrounding countryside that one has at the top of this pyramid is a reward for those which will have climbed! The entrance fee is 10 $ per person.

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