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Constructed : Late 9th century - 889-893
Religion : Hindu
Style : Preah Ko
King : Yasovarman I ★ 889 - 910 ★
Location : Roluos Group.

Comment : It is one of the oldest ruins. National highway six the line it breaks into north, which is the Angkor regional first enormous reservoir (presently as for the water when it is not) in it advances, the slightly elevated forest is visible. It is the place where this is constructed Lolei. The stylobate section which in the artificial reservoir stacked the laterite in two steps was built, the temple was built on that. View of that time probably seems like the island which floats in the reservoir.

The stairway of the laterite of east side at one time was the boat arrival place. This stairway rising, when it stands on the stylobate, we have become like the open space, four halls of Lolei are visible in the left front. The hall among and northeast side the hall groups of the brick making some state is good, but pain is extreme as a whole. There is a phosphorus moth on the center of four halls, the gutter which from here is produced with the sandstone has extended to four side. Hibun is cut, on the surface of the framework of the sandstone of the entrance of the hall. With there is a Buddhism temple in the appearance, in addition the people of neighborhood to be many have gotten together in the open space and it is the place where life it is ill-smelling it is. The ruins the damage to be terrible, the rope being stretched around the hall, it has become impossible to come near.

When visiting Lolei, it is not directly to be accustomed to riding to the stylobate side of the laterite, it gets off foreward several hundred meters and it recommends that you walk.

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