Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Prasat Tor

Prasat Tor

Constructed : N/A
Religion : N/A
Style : N/A
King : N/A
Location : In north east of Eastern Baray, on the road of Phnom Bok.

Comment : The tourist in a hurry will not venture on this road which goes from the village of Pradak, close to Banteay Samre, which crosses part of Eastern Baray and which leads to Phnom Bok and it is well damage: one crosses there part of what is still for a few years deep Kampuchea with all the charm of the small country lanes which often do not see passing the tourists.

The smiles are still sincere there; the houses are equipped with the minimum and their accesses very animated. The small temple of ¨Prasat To, composed of three small towers of the same style than Pre Rup, is very close to the Northeast end of the baray, and is worth well a small halt for its charm and its calms. One will take again quickly the road of Phnom Bok.

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