Saturday, August 7, 2010

Baksei Chamkrong

Baksei Chamkrong

Constructed : Early/Mid 10th century - 910-947
Religion : Hindu
Style : Bakheng
King : Harshavarman I ★ 910 - 923 ★
Location : With less than 200 meters of Phnom Bakheng, on the left, right
before arriving at the Southern gate of Angkor Thom.

Description : Baksei Chamkrong is a 12-meter tall brick and laterite pyramid. Combine with a visit to the South Gate and Phnom Bakheng. Lighting is best in the morning. Harshavarman I began construction or perhaps dedicated statues at the site. The temple was later improved/restored by Rajendravarman II shortly after the capital was returned to Angkor from Koh Ker. According to inscriptions on the doorway Rajendravarman consecrated the temple with the installation of golden Shiva image in 947AD. It may have also served as funerary temple.

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