Monday, January 11, 2010

Phnom Krom

Phnom Krom

Constructed : Late 9th century
Religion: Hindu
Style : Bakheng
King : Yasovarman I ★ 889 - 910 ★
Location : Hill and Phnom Krom which is the north edge nearby lakeshore of Tonle Sap lake.

Comment : The plain among them is conspicuous merely very much with the height of approximately 140 meters. The Mekong river crosses the Tonle Sap lake and attacks Angkor to 12 centuries, probably is to designate this hill as the marker. The Hinduism temple which stands in that summit was built in 9 end of century by Yasovarman I, which is similar to Phnom Bakheng, almost it is construction of the same time.

The hall which can be made lap in the wall of the laterite, with the sandstone three, has lined up into north and south direction. The front is east. In each case top has collapsed, in addition as for that surface being bleached in gale and the rain of the Tonle Sap lake side, weathering and exfoliating are advanced. Foreward the hall (east side) four buildings have lined up into north and south direction, but two sandstone inside, it does with two laterite outside. In the wall surface of these buildings the small hole opens in lattice condition, is thought that role of the air hole was carried out. Lap according to inside the wall, in order the building where the laterite is long, to surround the hall group, it stands.

Looking at this ruins, it meant that as for feeling first, "the stone slowly has kept dissolving". In the severe nature of the tropical region, the extreme wind and rain repeatedly being bleached in strong solar radiation, slow the temple of the stone which keeps dissolving. Not only the temple itself, spectacle helix of Tonle Sap lake which is seen from the hill it seems. The view of Tonle Sap lake at this time is splendid. Furthermore when the stone step is climbed, it appears in the east side of the long mountaintop on east west. There is a Buddhism temple of today here. As for the ruins there is a place where the west side is highest. Phnom Bakheng, similar and the time of civil war were converted to fortress. When you look at the map around Angkor, it can recognize the trace of many dike roads, but the dike road which ties Siem Reap and Phnom Krom with the typical ones, is used presently as the trunk road.

With photograph left, part of circle the right circle of ruins and the left side inside Buddhism temple of today. Photograph left direction hits on south side.

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