Monday, November 9, 2009

Pre Rup

Pre Rup

Constructed : Mid 10th century - 944-961
Religion : Hindu
Style : Banteay Srei
King : Rajendravarman II ★ 944 - 968 ★
Location : On the large circuit, very near to the road, between East Baray and Srah Srang.

Comment : Several histories circulate about this temple mountain. The first would indicate it like an old funeral monument, but the second which is at the origin of the name (Pre Rup = Changer body) is a beautiful legend according to which the central swimming pool would be filled with a magic liquid which would allow that which bathes there to come out of there with a body without defect! The swimming pool is unfortunately empty today. The materials used for the construction of this temple, laterite and brick, confer tone to him very hot which, added to the impeccable proportions make a splendid pyramid of it. This temple is a marvellous place to admire sunrise or sunset on the surrounding countryside, far from large crowd.

Temple Detail : The main material is the brick, but it is the time when the sandstone starts being gradually used. And, after this, the building materials (the wrapping material) it keeps moving to the sandstone. It is suitable, plane surface constitution of the Pre Rup complicated in final period of one times such as that. As for peripheral wall east west 127 meters and north and south 117 meters. There is a tower gate on east Seinan north. The tower of the brick each is arranged three at a time on left and right of the front. In addition the long building has lined up on septentrional south side & west side. As for inside perimeter wall east west 87 meters and north and south 77 meters. It is on the stylobate which is higher than more. The stone tank that (under the stylobate of the front) it is the long building where two scripture houses and around are surrounded completely in this level, to that it was used in cremation. In addition there is a unique rock work straw raincoat small building which it is possible to north east angle with the laterite. From this level furthermore the stylobate is accumulated by the pyramid type of three layer, is a central hall and four secondary halls in the first section.

Charm of the Pre Rup is the complicated plane surface constitution where the tower of the brick of thinness stands close together first. Especially, the stairway rising from east side, when aiming toward the central hall, when it tries looking back, it is possible to enjoy the view such as that. As for another charm, there is a distant view as a mountain type temple. In the even scenery where the paddy field spreads, the tower of how many thing brick has stood in a row on the enormous temple of red brown beam pyramid type, view of the Pre Rup temple is visible well even from the distance, gives strong impression. Not to be to get off the car before the ruins, descending foreward several hundred meters and walking slowly we would like to try getting near.

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