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Ta Keo

Ta Keo

Constructed : Late 10th/Early 11th century - between 968 - 1001
Religion: Hindu
Style : Khleang
King : Jayavarman V ★ 968 - 1001 ★
Location : Small circuit, between Ta Phrom and Angkor Thom,
on the edge of the road.

Comment : The situation of Ta Keo, just at the edge of the road makes it possible to immediately give itself an overall idea of this temple mountain. It appears in these very geometrical lines, and completion misses it is obvious. This temple is thus an unfinished work, only the main work having been carried out. So to circumvent it by outside is very pleasant, but to make the rise of it can be disappointing.

The stoppage of the works at the stage of decoration can corresponds with the death of its creative King, Jayavarman V, its nephew and successor Udayadityavarman II or the usurper Suryavarman I which monopolized the throne from 1002 not wanting perhaps to see glory radiating on another but only themselves. Though it is, this temple is beautiful, well proportioned, but lack undoubtedly of the charm which characterizes the majority of the other temples of Angkor.

Temple Detail : Depending the dying of the king, construction was discontinued and was left. Because of that, it has remained the structural material of the sandstone accumulating exposed. The temple of that time how doing, it is the valuable ruins which can be made and known high. The rock work seeing being elaborate, the opening is prompt. The temple of mountain type (Temple Mountain) is, of the central hall freeboard there are 20 meters or more.

As for the temple, presently the duplication which is inside the ring moat which does not have the water lap being surrounded in the wall, in both lap wall is a tower gate in four directions of north east. Lap as for wall outside east west approximately 120 meters and north and south 100 meters. The base does the laterite and top with the sandstone. Lap as for wall inside east west approximately 80 meters and north and south 75 meters. The corridor of the sandstone which on the base of the high laterite was opened inside is riding. It is narrow, closes the corridor which is in early stage of development outside, the window opens only inside.

There is a central stylobate which increases in three layer lap inside the wall inside, the central hall and four secondary halls stand on that. Those where a state where construction has been discontinued has been shown well are these five halls. Impression of Ta Keo in a manner of speaking is Modern architecture of the concrete placing releasing. In the view which the structural material of the sandstone stacks skillfully and can be brought together, beauty of modelling which leads to today is felt.

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