Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ta Prohm Kel

Ta Prohm Kel

Constructed : Late 12 th century
Religion: Buddhism
Style : Bayon
King : Jayavarman VII ★ 1181 - 1218 ★
Location : At 200 meters only and almost opposite the principal entry of Angkor Wat, a little more in north. You can go there walking from Angkor Wat.

Comment : Few people approach this small ruin of which there does not remain large-thing and it is a shame, it is full with charm. This small temple was the vault of one of the 102 hospitals built by Jayavarman VII. Inscriptions teach us that it is related to the legend of the paralysed beggar who was cured at this place and flew away by overlapping the horse of Indra.

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