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Terrace of Elephant

Terrace of Elephant

Constructed : Late 12 th century
Religion: Mahayana Buddhism
Style : Bayon
King : Jayavarman VII ★ 1181 - 1218 ★
Location : Angkor Thom, in the North of Bayon.

Comment : If it is a place which can make dream, it is well this terrace of the elephants! This species of gigantic platform where the King took seat surrounded by his court and many people extends on 300 meters, from Baphuon to the Terrace of Leper King. Sat on this platform, one is vis-a-vis a gigantic lawn, delimited in the East by the twelve towers of Prasat Suor Prat. From there, one can imagine the imposing spectacles which have to be held there, parades of the army, combat of animals, dances and music. Behind the Terrace, the Royal Palace, and just opposite, the splendid alley which leads directly to the Victory Gate!

"The terrace of the elephant" confronting in the open space before the court, is name of the long terrace which follows to north and south direction meanderingly. It was made by Jayavarman VII, was used in inspection and the like of king family.

True to its name you can see the relief of the elephant in the side wall, but the relief itself has not been that much clear. Subject of the relief is circumstances of the hunting by the elephant mainly. There is a Garuda relief in the septentrional side wall of the terrace. In addition, there is the decoration which imitates the head of the elephant in both sides of the stairway which belongs to the terrace.

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