Tuesday, March 24, 2009

West Mebon

West Mebon

Constructed : Late 11th century
Religion : Hindu
Style : Baphuon
King : Udayadityavarman II ★ 1050 - 1066 ★
Location : West of Angkor Thom. North of Siem Reap Airport. In the middle of West Baray.
A fragment of the layer Vishnu's statue, bronze. Actually keeps at the national museum of the Phnom-Penh.

Comment : West Mebon is the artificial island. Angkor regional largest Baray, west mebon it is middle. Barely you can see the leaving behind structure of the temple in the island. The enormous Vishnu's God image of the bronze make which is discovered from the well which inside the ruins is (the photograph right) it is the masterpiece.

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